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  • GTRI Announces Most Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey Winners

    Theresa Desch   |   January 7, 2014
    Throughout the year, GTRI surveys dozens of customers to make sure we are delivering quality products and services. We have several types of surveys including a general satisfaction survey sent both annually and ad hoc, triggered by an event... Read more
  • Celebrating GTRI’s Fantastic Staff during National Customer Service Appreciation Week

    Jill Cassidy   |   October 17, 2013
    By Jill Cassidy and Nik Malinski What do waffles, service dogs and free massages have in common? At GTRI, they were all part of this year’s Customer Service Appreciation Week celebration. The week of October 7-11 was National Customer... Read more
  • SANS Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling

    Dave Herrald   |   September 5, 2013
    I'm honored to announce that I will again be working with the SANS Institute to mentor SANS Security 504 Hacker Techniques, Exploits, & Incident Handling in Denver starting in January 2014.  Details and registration information are... Read more
  • Splunk and Cloudmeter Stream

    Micah Montgomery   |   June 18, 2013
    Data is big, we have become aware of the scale that data is reaching.  Data storage is no longer a troublesome issue but data management has become increasingly important.  Splunk can pull the important data straight out of the modge podge... Read more
  • Cisco Web Security – ScanSafe and IronPort

    Dave Herrald   |   June 18, 2013
    SECURE MARKET GATEWAY Market Definition/Description A secure Web gateway (SWG) is a solution that filters unwanted and malicious software (malware) from user-initiated Web/Internet traffic, and enforces corporate Internet policy... Read more
  • When you only have two colors, all your pictures are black and white

    Craig Jeske   |   May 1, 2013
    I had a meeting several weeks ago with a large customer who is moving towards a centralized virtual data center concept.  They currently have well over 100 data centers and are looking to consolidate down to under 25 data centers.  Given... Read more
  • Splunk with Hadoop: Three Ways to Play

    Dave Herrald   |   March 30, 2013
    With Splunk's recent announcement of Hunk (Hadoop and Splunk), lots of customers are wondering exactly how these two leading big data platforms can work together.  From a Splunk perspective, there are actually three ways to integrate with... Read more
  • Using Dual Protocol for SIEMs Evasion

    Scott Hogg   |   March 24, 2013
    Attackers using IPv4 and IPv6 can avoid detection by IPS, SIEMs, reputation filtering, and more It is just a fact of life that attackers and defenders are now operating in a dual-protocol world. With the addition of IPv6, attackers are... Read more
  • Five Cyber Security Tips for Computer and Online Safety

    Dave Herrald   |   March 23, 2013
    It's October and that means National Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us. What better time for some quick tips to make yourself more secure online? I decided to pull together the top five recommendations I often find myself giving to... Read more
  • Splunk Boot Camps

    Micah Montgomery   |   March 18, 2013
    Here at GTRI and we have had the pleasure of hosting multiple Splunk Boot Camps, informative sessions that help anyone interested in how to work with Splunk software to manage their data.  Multiple Splunk Boot Camps happen here at GTRI and... Read more