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  • The Fragmented Internet: How IP Addressing Affects Internet Routing

    Scott Hogg   |   March 20, 2014
    Addressing and Routing - BFFs Internet Protocol addressing and routing are two concepts that go hand-in-hand. Addressing policies and strategies are first drafted and then implemented onto the physical or virtual network topology. Routers... Read more
  • At GTRI, Customer Service is the STAR of the Show

    LeeAnn Murphy   |   March 10, 2014
    GTRI proudly holds an ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. What does this mean to our customers? By following the standards laid out by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) for a Quality Management System (QMS), we... Read more
  • Why Today’s IT Admins need to be Data Center Superstars

    Scott Hogg   |   March 3, 2014
    The IT industry is in a time of transition, and many IT employees are finding they must adapt or be left behind. It’s no longer enough to know the server OS inside and out, or to be an IP routing guru. Today’s IT admins must become... Read more
  • Improved Network Security through DNS Inspection (Pt. 1)

    Scott Hogg   |   March 3, 2014
    Virtually all networked applications use Internet Protocol (IP) communications and rely extensively on the Domain Name System (DNS) to determine the IP address to connect. DNS provides the mapping of human-readable fully-qualified host names... Read more
  • Improved Network Security through DNS Inspection (Pt. 2)

    Scott Hogg   |   February 19, 2014
    In the previous blog post on DNS traffic inspection we covered how attackers target DNS systems. Attackers use Fast-Flux DNS techniques to rapidly change the server's hosting malware. Attackers control malware to change the DNS behavior on... Read more
  • GTRI Announces Most Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey Winners

    Theresa Desch   |   January 7, 2014
    Throughout the year, GTRI surveys dozens of customers to make sure we are delivering quality products and services. We have several types of surveys including a general satisfaction survey sent both annually and ad hoc, triggered by an event... Read more
  • Celebrating GTRI’s Fantastic Staff during National Customer Service Appreciation Week

    Jill Cassidy   |   October 17, 2013
    By Jill Cassidy and Nik Malinski What do waffles, service dogs and free massages have in common? At GTRI, they were all part of this year’s Customer Service Appreciation Week celebration. The week of October 7-11 was National Customer... Read more
  • SANS Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling

    Dave Herrald   |   September 5, 2013
    I'm honored to announce that I will again be working with the SANS Institute to mentor SANS Security 504 Hacker Techniques, Exploits, & Incident Handling in Denver starting in January 2014.  Details and registration information are... Read more
  • Splunk and Cloudmeter Stream

    Micah Montgomery   |   June 18, 2013
    Data is big, we have become aware of the scale that data is reaching.  Data storage is no longer a troublesome issue but data management has become increasingly important.  Splunk can pull the important data straight out of the modge podge... Read more
  • Cisco Web Security – ScanSafe and IronPort

    Dave Herrald   |   June 18, 2013
    SECURE MARKET GATEWAY Market Definition/Description A secure Web gateway (SWG) is a solution that filters unwanted and malicious software (malware) from user-initiated Web/Internet traffic, and enforces corporate Internet policy... Read more