About GTRI

Since 1998, we’ve provided industry-leading consulting and services—helping clients derive real business value from their technology investments. We know that technology changes fast and that’s why we are always on top of breakthroughs in application and infrastructure architecture. Our business is to solve your challenges and bring your business measurable results. At the end of the day though, we are still in the people business. Technology is just one of our strategic tools, but our roots are grounded in the concept that worker success across an entire organization with well-built technology provides the most value.

Business Problems First

Too many providers come in talking solutions before you have even described your problems. We drive intelligent and holistic conversations around your business pains to provide solutions that consider people, process and technology. Understanding the big picture helps us provide smart solutions with real value.

Operational Maturity

Operational maturity means running our business with thoughtful and disciplined planning. We build and maintain efficient processes, continually educating our personnel, and then measuring and monitoring our effectiveness. We have an automated Quality Management System with executive-led quarterly case reviews and continuous, systematic improvements. Plus, we model our services business around our Global Services Framework, a formal project methodology with automated milestones for project risk reduction and success.

Relentless Client Focus

Our consulting talent pool was built to solve unique business and technical challenges. We successfully completed more than 2300 professional service projects with more than 500 clients in the past five years. And we have a 92% overall client satisfaction rating for our Professional Services division.

Industry-Leading Ecosystem Partners

We partner with some of the strongest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers in the world. We have a deep understanding of technology and industry best practices and leadership. Our results provide tremendous value for our clients.

We welcome you to give GTRI an opportunity to make your business more successful.

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