Global Logistics Leader Case Study

GTRI Reduces Security Costs and Improves Outcomes for Logistics Leader

International Fortune 500 Powerhouse Recognizes Immediate ROI From Optimized Security Infrastructure

Executive Summary

This global supply chain management and logistics solutions company asked GTRI to help it replace its aging security infrastructure, optimize performance and availability, and improve visibility across silos with standardized and highly reliable security monitoring and reporting. GTRI provided the solutions needed to optimize its security standing and business-critical application performance, ID security threats and track ROI in both the short- and long-term.


With more than 200,000 employees across the world, the company needed to organize and streamline a number of disparate security reporting and management tools and styles. When it approached GTRI, the key challenges were quickly identified as:

  • Limited visibility across silos
  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Disparate security monitoring and reporting
  • Poor application performance

How We Helped

The expert security team at GTRI worked hand-in-hand with the client to identify and implement a number of key solutions, including:

  • Splunk Enterprise Security Platform to identify, analyze and respond to security threats via dashboards, correlations, and incident response workflows
  • Splunk Proof of Value to optimize application performance via tactical monitoring
  • Splunk Interactive Value Assesssment to benchmark and track ROI

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The results of the Splunk security work GTRI performed for the client have been extraordinary, and include:

  • $5 million security savings
  • 14,700 recouped human capital hours
  • Eliminated downtime at an estimated cost of $1 million an hour

As the first Splunk Elite Partner in the U.S. and the most credentialed Splunk partner in the market, GTRI was (and remains) uniquely positioned to ensure our clients recognize true and lasting value from their Splunk security solutions — both today and well into the future.