K-12 Education

K-12 schools rely on information technology (IT) to facilitate communication and learning among administrators, teachers, parents and students. Infrastructure must be open to a wide variety of applications, operating systems and mobile user devices, but include security features to protect the integrity and privacy of certain information. We understand the need for flipped classrooms, where students view video lectures before class, so that valuable class time can be spent on group projects, discussion and labs. With virtual field trips, you can expose K-12 students to destinations and experts anywhere in the world. High-performance campus wireless networks allow you to deliver digitized textbooks and interactive quizzes to mobile devices during class time. And now specialized applications, only available in labs, are available to students and faculty. Engagement through technology is more important than ever.

We deliver customized, cost-effective IT solutions to help K-12 educators. We determine a best-use strategy to better manage costs and promote future growth. We can help institute a Cloud strategy  that is fundable and scalable and that also provides remote communications for greater productivity and connected learning opportunities. Plus, we’ll make critical upgrades to infrastructure and help update and integrate database systems for improved analytical insight. And lastly, we’ll meet the privacy and security requirements to safeguard the online learning environment. Our solutions include:

  • Secure wireless access systems for students and faculty
  • Distributed network environments across laboratories and classroom buildings
  • Advanced network architectures to support application-sharing and file-sharing resources
  • Layered security, including network, system and access controls
  • Customized telephony applications and call-handling architecture
  • Layer-1 cabling infrastructure for new buildings and cabling upgrades

Leverage GTRIs proven experience in technology solutions for K-12.

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