You are trying to do more with less in government. For starters, you must meet energy mandates and reduce information technology (IT) energy costs. Then, employees need access to the most advanced tools and platforms to do their job and should be able to do their jobs anywhere, anytime and using any device. The ability to bring your own device to work attracts a younger workforce and reduces the government’s carbon footprint. Video and collaboration capabilities are a must and technology must all tie in securely to avoid cyber threats.

GTRI’s extensive portfolio of IT solutions is instrumental in achieving the business needs of the federal government. Our secure mobility solutions allow government to collaborate to educate, protect, and serve—from any location. We work with vendors that meet the current and future standards and help government operate at less cost. In addition we can:

  • Boost your investment by integrating new and better technology to your constituents
  • Use cost-effective technology to transform operations
  • Plan advanced solutions with industry best practices
  • Customize a multi-year rental payment plan that reduces costs without long procurement cycles or upfront capital expenditures
  • Provide the expertise needed to plan, design and implement and service the technology

We understand the unique needs of U.S. government organizations—discover how we can help with your technology needs.

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