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We partner with you to provide technology that drives results and help you make smart vendor choices. Others may offer similar technology, but don’t provide the proper planning, governance and financial and risk models. We do. From assessment through deployment—we provide the experience, business acumen and intelligent methods to ensure we deliver your return on investment (ROI). Our consultants will help:

  • Provide holistic assessments of your information technology (IT) environment
  • Implement right-sized approaches
  • Plan, design and deploy hybrid, private and public cloud solutions
  • Develop IT strategies, governance and financial and risk models
  • Select products
  • Analyze and negotiate contracts
  • Provide executive reporting
  • IT Health Assessment
  • Cloud and Data Center Migration Plans
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization
  • Application and Information Architecture Services

Is my IT infrastructure healthy?

Knowing the real health and performance of your IT systems can provide you with the clarity to make immediate improvements to performance, identify systemic problems, prepare for system upgrades and changes, and prioritize the most impactful projects towards those changes.

The GTRI IT Healthcheck portfolio provides industry-leading analytics into the performance of your network, server, storage, virtualization, collaboration, wireless and video infrastructure.

What can I do with this knowledge?

  • Improve the availability of an application
  • Provide clear inventory of dispersed IT assets
  • Validate Cloud performance
  • Model infrastructure loads
  • Enable a new IT management team to examine technology assets
  • Provide insight for the most efficient strategic-plan and technology refresh
  • Provide IT benchmarking and simulate network traffic loads
  • Confirm Network readiness for changes and upgrades
  • Confirm security posture
  • Confirm or identify performance issues of server farms or network assets
  • 73%

    73% of organizations have correctable performance problems*

  • 47%

    47% of organizations have VMware deployments that have CPU oversubscription*

  • 47%

    47% of organizations have storage latency performance problems*

* Based on over 4,600 assessments completed.

Areas of an IT Health Assessment

  • Core Network Infrastructure

  • VMware Infrastructure Performance

  • Data Center and Server Infrastructure

  • Unified Communication

IT Health Assessment Features

Network Traffic Analytics – Get the most out of your network resources.

Key features include:

  • Location Algorithm – Dynamically assigns location for network resources by tagging all traffic based on location. See how much and the types of network traffic between locations.
  • Dependency Mapping – Defines groups of applications that share resources by providing a visual view of the network dependencies.
  • Virtualization/Cloud – Monitors performance of existing VMware infrastructure to show you performance degradation and virtual performance latency issues.
  • WAN Acceleration – Helps determine whether your network would be ideal for WAN optimization, and helps you capacity and optimize traffic on your network.

Network Traffic Simulation – Simulate network traffic for applications.

Key features include:

  • Virtual Architecture
  • VoIP, video and data profiles that can be run simultaneously
  • Cloud-based control interface
  • Simple deployment
  • Tests across multiple sites from one interface
  • Customize QoS markings and quality scores

Shifting your business to the cloud offers many benefits, including reduced operating expenses, budget visibility, shared supplier portals, improved security, improved reliability, flexibility and business elasticity.  Are you ready to move to the cloud? Unfortunately, most simple online assessments don’t reveal the complexities. Shifting an aging IT environment to a new computing and financial paradigm can be intricate and far beyond what you may expect. Customizing applications, outdated hardware or operating systems, complicated networks, poor documentation, unsupported operating systems and point-to-point integrations, are just a few of the things that can make the shift more complex. And moving from a capital expense to an operating expense financial model can be challenging for both the chief information officer (CIO) and the chief financial officer (CFO). That’s why you need an experienced consultant from GTRI who will:

  • Develop cost-effective cloud migration strategies based on your ROI
  • Assist with vendor evaluation and selection
  • Negotiate contracts and service level agreements
  • Plan and manage both physical and virtual moves, inventory and build-out services
  • Evaluate your IT assets and inventory and their dependencies

Infrastructure optimization is critical. First, your application portfolio must be reconciled and rearranged over your hardware. More importantly, to defer capital investments for network bandwidth, you must eliminate unnecessary integrations between these applications. Our consultants produce an architecture repository of essential integrations and dependencies that are crucial for efficient business operations. We start with a thorough data analysis and then establish core pillars of information for your organization. Then we improve the overall quality of the data within reports, systems and financial statements. Our clients enjoy faster development cycles for new applications, consistent web services and increased security on business sensitive information. We can:

  • Create an application portfolio by business, information size and data quality
  • Establish an architecture repository with near-real-time information about your assets and their relation to IT support and business
  • Install centralized data repositories that act as master reference for data for reporting and application integration
  • Provide enterprise data in an easy-to-understand dimensional model for ad-hoc analysis and data mining
  • Establish an operational hub for cloud migration and integration

Is your company in technical debt? Companies change. Resources turn over. Data gets duplicated. Master data controls get violated and documentation lags. Each change or merger can cause a series of complex issues that can impact your performance, reliability and ultimately, your bottom line. That’s why an investment in enterprise architecture is crucial. Optimizing your IT environment reduces your operating costs and eliminates unnecessary expenses when moving to the cloud. Our experienced consultants will:

  • Assess your current data center, virtualization, applications and network and security architectures
  • Establish standards for enterprise architecture
  • Optimize and simplify existing technology environments
  • Create or update documentation for your books and network and application architecture diagrams
  • Establish change management processes and procedures
  • Create master data management policies
  • Reduce cost and improve reliability


A Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Enterprise Architecture Leadership Council survey found that 50% of business productivity is tied to effective collaboration.
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