Financial Services

Optimize your technology spend with innovative strategies and superior flexibility.

Consult with a Financial Services Expert



Gain freedom to restructure tech ownership and upgrade provisions to meet your unique business needs.


Achieve competitive advantage through access to the latest solutions and easy refresh options.


Improve budgeting visibility, planning and cash flow by shifting technology costs from OPEX to CAPEX.

Consult with a Financial Services Expert

Take control of your IT costs, conserve cash and shift spend by leasing depreciative hardware and software assets.

Consumption-utility Pricing. Rather than financing large operational expenditures for technology that may or may not be worthwhile, pay for what you use as you use it.

Freedom and Flexibility. Upgrade, replace, extend, purchase or return your solutions at any point, regardless of vendor, and enjoy remarketing and/or disposal services on us.

Latest and Greatest. Ensure your organization has access to the most modern and useful technology solutions via our flexible leasing model across any and all environments.

Consultative Service. Work with us to design the right solution to meet your current state (and future state) needs – and dermine the financing options to make it achievable.


GTRI Financial Services solutions give you back the freedom and flexibility you need to ensure competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing market. With us, you’ll have access to not only the leading cloud and on-premise infrastructure solutions, but also a guiding hand from true experts in the field who will work with you to determine the best path forward.

And the benefits don’t stop and start with technology; we also offer consulting services to help you consolidate spend, conserve cash and determine the optimal technology solutions for your organizational requirements.

Additional advantages included in your agreement at no extra cost:

  • Simplified documentation via ordering and schedule consolidation
  • Full array of end-of-term options including options to upgrade, replace, purchase, extend or return equipment
  • Remarketing and equipment disposal services and support

With the financial services and IT experts from GTRI at your side, you’ll be able to offload the burden and expense of technology OPEX, not to mention the constant worry of technological obsolescence. Modernize your infrastructure – and your bottom line – with GTRI and let us do the planning, budgeting and purchasing for you.

Create new levels of flexibility, accessibility and visibility at your organization.
Benefit from the latest technologies and a dramatically improved risk profile.
Improve competitive advantage and employee satisfaction.

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