Gain competitive advantage through tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies.

Consult with an Innovation Partner



Gain exposure to the world’s top venture capital portfolios, through leadership and early-stage technologies.


Increase efficiency with proprietary portfolio intelligence, direct briefings and use case mapping.


Fuel competitive advantage & strategic IT leadership through vetted research of tomorrow’s top technologies.

Consult with an Innovation Partner

Lead business innovation with targeted research and access to the firms and technologies necessary to propel strategic advantage – and results.

Exclusive Exposure. With introductions to GTRI’s network of global VC firms and early-stage disruptors, you’ll have early insight to benefit from the world’s leading technologies and thought leaders.

Quantifiable Advantages. Investment in early-stage technologies can provide 12-18 month advantages over your competitors. Let GTRI help you benchmark future ROI in emerging technology.

Strategic Positioning. Empower IT as a revenue driver rather than a cost center with focused leadership around emerging technologies and beneficial relationships.

Innovation, Activated. Reenergize differentiation, morale and pipeline by solving your industry’s core issues with solutions your competitors have never heard of – and have no streamlined way to access.

Why Partner With GTRI for Innovation

Through our partnerships and custom events, we will plug you into a powerful investment community focused on technology innovation, disruption and leadership. With more than 50 VC portfolios, including Silicon Valley powerhouses Lightspeed and Sequoia, our unique and highly exclusive program will fuel your insight and strategic technology decisions today and well into the future.

Join with us today and gain access to the introductions, meetings and events necessary to solve your business problems – and showcase your strategic acumen.

Key benefits include:

  • In-person technology showcase days at GTRI executive headquarters (Denver, CO)
  • Executive briefings in the heart of Silicon Valley VC country
  • Customizable content to reinforce needs, requirements and relationships from – and at – your corporate offices


According to PWC, 93% of executives believe that organic growth through innovation will drive the greater proportion of their revenue growth.

Our Multi-disciplinary innovation offerings span the IT spectrum

  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Application Development
  • Compute, Network & Storage Technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Dev/Ops

With GTRI at your side, you’ll have access to the technologies, solutions and designs that your competitors only dream about – all while maintaining your flagship platforms and partnerships. Welcome to a new era of IT leadership, business impact and transformation.

Welcome to GTRI Innovation.

Partner with GTRI for unparalleled access, insight and expertise.
Propel change from a position of leadership.
Accelerate business impact with GTRI Innovation.

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