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Consult with An Asset Lifecycle Management Expert



A comprehensive deep-dive into all relevant customer and vendor records and contracts.


Full audit & analysis of end-of- support and -life dates and associated responsibilities.


Documentation of TRC of all assets over a 5-year span and creation of singular dataset.


Input data into GTRI Asset Management Portal, sync with vendors and train to maximize ROI.

Consult with An Asset Lifecycle Management Expert

Document current-state, define goals and measures, and create a single source of truth with proprietary methodologies and toolsets from GTRI.

Data-driven Decisions. It is impossible to make smart strategic decisions without data. With GTRI Asset Lifecycle Management services, you’ll have all procurement, change management, product lifecycle planning and dependency mapping available at your fingertips.

Asset Management Portal (AMP). The GTRI AMP presents a comprehensive, fully reconciled view of all devices, sites, configurations and service coverage across vendors and locations. Best part? The data auto-refreshes so you’re always looking at the most recent information available.

Detailed Analyses. The AMP allows for detailed analyses of various risk, coverage, renewal and product refresh scenarios to ensure you’re providing leadership with targeted, actionable recommendations to achieve objectives and reduce both costs and threats.

Ongoing Agility. Because the AMP is a live, wholly accurate snapshot of the current state, IT will be equipped with the information necessary to maintain and increase agility and drive operational alignment and decision-making over the longterm.

GTRI has been beyond phenomenal to work with and I appreciate all of the extra work you all put in. It will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Lead Project Manager     |     $10M Hosted Collaboration & Call Center Project

The GTRI Asset Management Portal empowers IT teams by creating the ‘single source of truth’ of all technology investments, contracts, dependencies and risks.

Key features include:
  • Comprehensive, multi-vendor contract management
  • Complete hardware order tracking
  • Optimized location management
  • Cradle-to-grave transaction history
  • RMA tracking
  • Cross-vendor lifecycle replacement strategy enablement

And with GTRI as your asset lifecycle management partner, you’ll have solution delivery and operational alignment experts guiding your usage and benefit realization every step of the way.

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