Big Data

To enhance operational and security awareness, GTRI partners with and leverages Splunk. Splunk software is a robust security platform that collects, analyzes and reports on all types of machine generated data and turns it into valuable insights. It also provides visibility across disparate systems, enabling its users to make informed decisions across silos.


Splunk has numerous use cases including information technology (IT) operational awareness, security, application management, web analytics and business intelligence to name a few. It can index any machine generated data whether it’s structured, semi-structured, or completely unstructured. Data is stored in its raw form with full fidelity without the need for a relational database. It applies schema on the fly at search to make it available for analysis and insights.

  • Splunk-EP
  • Splunk-TP
  • Splunk-TP
  • Splunk-SE
  • Splunk-SE

GTRI is the first Splunk Elite Partner in the U.S. and is one of just a few authorized training centers in North America. We are the most credentialed Splunk partner, holding more than 100 certifications across our sales, engineering, administration and architecture teams. As such, GTRI can provide end-to-end support for Splunk from licensing and pre-sales support to certified training,  professional services and Splunk Managed Services.

Splunk Use Cases

  • Application management
  • IT operations
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Fraud
  • Business intelligence


By 2020, information will be used to reinvent, digitalize or eliminate 80% of business processes and products from a decade earlier. - Gartner, Inc.

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