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Today’s data center architecture is dramatically changing the way information technology (IT) provides business agility. The modern data center includes technology to virtualize and pool resources. Plus, data centers now allow self-service capabilities, as well as orchestration and management tools. Data centers provide unmatched levels of uptime, responsiveness and flexibility. Improvements in capacity planning, provisioning, policy control, visibility, application development and application maintenance help lower your costs and reduce your business risk. And now multi-tenant, shared infrastructure platforms support a variety of workloads, while still meeting unique security, storage and performance requirements from any user group, worldwide.

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Maintaining older systems is becoming more and more expensive from both a knowledge and time perspective. Application inter-dependency makes it more challenging to consolidate and standardize platforms—upgrading one component breaks two others. Your backup, recovery and disaster recovery procedures need to be rebuilt for virtual and hybrid environments and expanded to accommodate the Cloud. With virtualization, new challenges arise, leaving you trying to figure out who is using what. General lack of knowledge creates trust, security and compliance concerns around moving applications to the Cloud. What’s more, how do you monitor all the costs at the end of the day? We can help.

Organizations across all industries are enabling IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) through new, compelling data center architectures and Cloud computing offerings. One of the keys to delivering ITaaS lies in the ability to meet fast changing technology, while at the same time, trying to maintain and run legacy systems. The focus of IT has changed to become more about orchestration, resource consolidation and service integration. The modern data center, with self-service portals, enables speed and flexibility in researching, acquiring and provisioning new applications.

Space constraints, power usage, cooling loads and physical security have led to the trend in outsourcing to Cloud environments. Physical footprint and energy reduction remains a priority for all organizations, as each weighs the costs of ongoing operations. While not mainstream yet, the hopes of software defined networking (SDN) will eventually play a dramatic role in modular, nimble data center designs, by helping reduce physical footprints even further.

The evolution of data center capabilities means that IT security must match this shift by taking a policy-driven approach to protecting infrastructure. It is no longer sufficient to simply provide high-powered equipment with maximum throughput and capacity—security infrastructure is a must! What’s more, leveraging an organization’s security policies in a dynamic fashion, that can be adapted and applied quickly, is mission critical.

Optimizing data center architecture and management is one of our core competencies. We strive to educate and provide your valuable IT personnel with the right data center tools, processes and skills to run your business efficiently. It can be difficult to determine which technologies and strategies will address your specific needs and produce optimal results. But by partnering with us, a trusted and experienced consultant, rest assured we’ll find the right solution for you. From storage and data center management assessments to private cloud migrations or cutovers—we create customized solutions that deliver a real return on investment (ROI). We provide:

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  • Transition planning
  • Architectures and designs
  • Data center migrations
  • Cloud and hosting partner evaluations
  • High performance data center firewall architecture design and deployment
  • Next generation network security enforcement

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Installation of our Flexpod environment was very professionally accomplished. The knowledge transfer was an important component and GTRI exceeded all expectations.
Tom Helmick     |     DB Schenker Logistics
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Industrial real estate leader Prologis sought expert insight to assess its infrastructure and boost performance after a large merger. Additionally, the company needed guidance in offloading its IT management burden and continuing its ongoing transition to a fully cloud-based hosting infrastructure and zero-footprint data center. Read More

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