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Now applications and systems are accessible from anywhere with the onset of mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers. Employees can maximize productivity and collaborate virtually. A smart mobility strategy can help you modernize underlying systems to maximize efficiency around the way we talk, meet, interact, analyze and share data. Whether you want to enable global file-sharing, allow connectivity for guests, students, patients, clients or vendors—we can help you find the most effective mobility strategy and deployment model.

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Our clients want to provide cost-effective and secure segmented wireless Internet access, while reducing wireless local-area network (WLAN) operating costs. Scalability, reliability and network management are all valid concerns. Doctors, hospitals and nursing homes want to provide caregiver access. Education institutions want to allow both student and teacher access to classrooms, dorms and labs. The hospitality industry wants to provide device management for guests through their rooms, conference halls and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). And the supplier industry wants to be able to manage warehousing, bar code scanning, inventory control, compliance and operating standards. That’s where we come in.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is growing, driven by employee preference to use a single device to access corporate data and communication tools while away from the office. Mobile access to enterprise data and analytics enables a true virtual office setting. Businesses will see the convergence of mobile application management (MAM) solutions alongside mobile device management (MDM). The increased convergence will help in productivity, cost-efficiency and interoperability. Gartner’s recent top information technology (IT) trends, include mobile application delivery; personal Cloud deployments; strategic big data management; enterprise application stores and actionable analytics. All of these concepts demand seamless and user-friendly mobile platforms to enable the workforce.

With more than two decades of experience, our mobility team provides leadership consulting to help you create, deploy and manage your mobile application and wireless architectures. Our team has won multiple industry awards for wireless infrastructure. And, we were one of only four partners in the western U.S. chosen to lead mobile device management (MDM) deployments for a leading vendor. We create secure enterprise-class MDM, mobile application management (MAM) and wireless local-area networks (WLAN) that provide foundations for your enterprise needs. Our innovative mobility group takes a multi-disciplined approach to mobility projects—combining time-proven processes, industry knowledge and leading edge tools.


Wireless Infrastructure

Mobile device management Spectrum analyses
Mobile application management Wireless local-area network (WLAN) analysis and diagnostics
Sandboxed applications Computer-based modeling
Mobile application security Testing and validation
Mobile data control WiFi test lab for original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
Mobile network control Outdoor wireless
Single sign on (SSO) and identity management Mobile wireless
Desktop and application virtualization
Case Study

United Launch Alliance

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