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Modernize application scale, performance and underlying infrastructure with Advanced Hybrid Solutions from GTRI.

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End-to-End Hybrid IT Solutions


Securely deploy and manage applications across private data centers and public clouds. Accelerate digital transformation through programmability & automation.


See your application portfolio with clarity; optimize it with alacrity. Achieve best-in-class migration plans with portfolio analysis, cloud operations tuning, capacity rightsizing and refactoring.


Choose the best-fit solutions for storing, sharing and protecting your company’s crown jewel assets – its data. Reduce investments and increase efficiency with data virtualization.

Foundational Security

Comprehensive security architecture to protect, detect and defend your private and cloud-based IT investments from the modern threat landscape.

Consult with a Hybrid IT expert

Overcome Skills Gaps, Shrinking Budgets and Operational Inefficiencies with a Single Hybrid IT Partner

Deliver Meaningful Business Value, Faster. Cloud adoption is through the roof — but IT satisfaction rates continue to hover around 20%. Time to change that. GTRI empowers public and private sector organizations to consistently and effectively address both common and not-so-common pain points with our proven and proprietary hybrid IT methodology. LEARN MORE

Certified. Neutral. End-to-End Capabilities. Consultative Approach. Successful hybrid IT implementations are not bought off the shelf. They require in-depth analysis, a comprehensive understanding of the current state environment, and a strategic vision for the future state. GTRI hybrid IT experts take the time to understand global needs and then map and migrate systems and applications to their ideal environments. LEARN MORE

Hybrid IT Methodology, Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Services, Data Centers and Professional Services. GTRI experts will assess your current IT environment, architect an agile and scalable alternative, and procure, configure and migrate to the necessary infrastructures for cloud, colocation, and/or on-prem deployments. We’ll even manage your new systems and applications. Our proven hybrid IT methodology is the solution you’ve been seeking. LEARN MORE

Installation of our Flexpod environment was very professionally accomplished. The knowledge transfer was an important component and GTRI exceeded all expectations.
Tom Helmick     |     DB Schenker Logistics

Are you able to efficiently and effectively address the IT needs of your business? Analyst firms agree: the average IT executive strives to be more responsive and deliver more business value by implementing a hybrid IT strategy. Getting there is the challenge. Choose GTRI and turn your goal into reality.

GTRI is an experienced, highly skilled solutions integrator. Our team establishes confidence in the early stages of IT transformation by delivering full visibility into legacy systems, utilization and application dependencies. We build trust with a consultative, supplier-neutral approach that matches your global needs with the right mix of services such as cloud, colocation, and IT services. GTRI’s end-to-end hybrid IT capabilities enable you to use a single partner for every stage reducing risk, security threats, time to market, downtime, and overall project costs. The result is more business value and agile IT services delivery that propels your business forward.

Consult with a Hybrid IT expert


The IDC study CloudView 2016 shows that while 58% of all organizations are embracing cloud, only 5% believe they have an 'optimized' cloud strategy.
Case Study


Industrial real estate leader Prologis sought expert insight to assess its infrastructure and boost performance after a large merger. Additionally, the company needed guidance in offloading its IT management burden and continuing its ongoing transition to a fully cloud-based hosting infrastructure and zero-footprint data center. Read More

GTRI Breaks Down the Barriers to Hybrid IT Success


GTRI reduces legacy IT migration risks using our proven methodology that focuses on in-depth discovery and planning.


Have sensitive date? You can still go hybrid. We work with highly regulated industries including healthcare, financial services and the federal government.


Leverage GTRI’s team of consultants to bridge traditional silos and accelerate the path to a DevOps environment.


Our application specialists map unknown dependencies, address performance issues, and even contribute development cycles.


Maximize the budget you have with strategic, integrated architectures built for the future of your business.


Identify new and efficient ways to manage complex pieces of your IT environment and drive unnecessary costs out

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