The cloud can be a confusing place. Let us simplify things for you.

Illuminate your journey to the cloud with GTRI.

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As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, we help to select, implement, deploy, and maintain your AWS environment allowing your team to focus on the business of innovation. And, if you’re on the fence about making the leap into the cloud, our consultative process will help you determine the ideal combination of technologies—Hybrid IT or cloud.

To cloud or not to cloud, that is the question.

Our proven process helps you to weigh the benefits of cloud migration against any potential downsides, to give you the clearest picture of what the best move is for your business.

You have cloud concerns. We have cloud solutions.


  • GTRI reviews the network security needs of your cloud migration and designs a secure solution—educating your team on security best practices along the way.

Large-scale movements of IT infrastructure to the cloud – where to start:

  • The GTRI assessment process determines applications that will benefit most from cloud migration.
  • Design and implement your cloud migration plan to support applications
  • Leverage automation and configuration management tools to ensure a simple and streamlined process.

Operating manually in the cloud today and need to scale up:

  • GTRI helps you adopt cloud automation and configuration management best practices for a smooth, reliable, accurate, and repeatedly deployable cloud infrastructure.
  • We provide education to your team surrounding implemented tools and document how these tools operate, ensuring that you can fully automate your cloud environments in a sustainable way.

Your cloud infrastructure is in-place, but is messy, unmanaged, and insecure:

  • Assess your current cloud infrastructure and leverage management utilities to provide an inventory of cloud resources.
  • Assess current cloud spend and identify opportunities to optimize and save money.
  • Dive into security settings and protection measures and compare to industry best practices.
  • Provide recommendations to improve cloud security posture based on findings.
  • Help with remediation of identified security issues and close all gaps in accordance with industry best practices.

The GTRI proven process walks through:

  • Business needs
  • Technology Discovery: Future State VS Current State
  • Define Dependency Mapping
  • Design and Architecture
  • Deploy: Migration plan & Documentation
GTRI has been beyond phenomenal to work with and I appreciate all of the extra work you all put in. It will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
Lead Project Manager     |     $10M Hosted Collaboration & Call Center Project

GTRI professional services for cloud.


Comprehensive preparation for your cloud migration or deployment


We work with you to determine appropriate application candidates for migration to the cloud


Planning session to architect your AWS environment


Maximize the budget you have with strategic, integrated architectures built for the future of your business.


GTRI works with your developers to make optimum use of AWS development tools


We manage all aspects of your AWS environment, allowing your team to focus on business critical initiatives

GTRI is proud to be an AWS Advanced Technology Partner— to provide you with secure, scalable, reliable, and compliant solutions to fit your cloud needs.

Regardless of where your business is on the journey to the cloud, our team of experts has seen it all and can help to guide your company along the path to brilliance.

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