Today’s network demands are intense. Every data, voice and video application is expected to run seamlessly and integrate with ease. You must serve users from anywhere with any device. Networks must also be flexible, scalable, agile and elastic so they can adapt to shifting business requirements and connect to the Cloud. As an award-winning integrator we have designed, implemented, optimized, replaced and managed hundreds of complex network deployments for some of the largest enterprises and government agencies in the world. Our unique, multi-disciplined expertise is what puts us above the competition. We can provide you with a comprehensive network solution for your most important business and information technology (IT) challenges.

Network Infrastructure

  • Data center and virtualized networking
  • Load balancing and traffic optimization
  • Local-area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet engineering
  • Wireless LAN and RF engineering
  • Network management systems

Advanced Network Technologies

  • Cloud networking
  • Data center interconnect protocols
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) deployment
  • Virtualized network topologies
Case Study

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora Public Schools looked to GTRI to implement and integrate a complex array of Cisco collaboration, networking and digital solutions for its students and faculty at the Vista Peak Preparatory campus. Read More

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