IT infrastructure

  • Automating the Care and Feeding of Your MOOSE

    Scott Hogg  |  June 17, 2016
    Information Technology (IT) departments have been traditionally designed to support MOOSE. No, not the large, furry mammals that roam forests in North America, Europe and Asia. In this context, MOOSE is actually an acronym coined by... Read more
  • Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure and Promise Theory

    Scott Hogg  |  July 2, 2014
    If you search online for “promises,” you’ll find a bevy of quotes about broken ones. It seems that many of us humans just can’t keep our promises to each other. Fortunately machines have a better track record in this area. In... Read more
  • Flow Export Protocols for Packet Analysis

    Scott Hogg  |  March 24, 2014
    You may know that I have the honor of writing a regular column for Network World on Core Networking and Security. Recently I addressed the topic of flow-based protocols in a two-part series. In part 1, I present a little history of flow... Read more
  • Why Today’s IT Admins need to be Data Center Superstars

    Scott Hogg  |  March 3, 2014
    The IT industry is in a time of transition, and many IT employees are finding they must adapt or be left behind. It’s no longer enough to know the server OS inside and out, or to be an IP routing guru. Today’s IT admins must become... Read more